Guitar Jake

We really love gear. We’ve been collecting it, loving it, using it and trading it on a personal level for years and we’ve now decided to bring our private collection for sale to the public. Not all instruments and gear available are featured online, so if you’re interested in something specific, contact us. We love aiding others on their musical journeys.

Guitar Jake Tobias has been a force on the Detroit and International music scene for years. Not only has he played guitar and bass all over for some of the most respected musicians from Motown, he was also a featured entertainer for Princess Cruises. Many people enjoyed watching him run around with his electric guitars through swimming pools, crowds and across dance floors.

Since returning to Detroit from cruise ships, we have decided to pair down our collection to a precious few guitars, basses, pedals, amps and such. We are playing out, but at places where the pa is provided or as an acoustic act. I hope you will peruse our listings and see if there is a way we can help you craft your personal sound.